Portable Mixers


Portable mixers are a very versatile range with high efficiency axial impellers.
The drives can be supplied as direct drive for mixing low viscosity to gear drive where mixing applications require versatility.
A range of impellers are available including saw tooth, radial flow, and E-200 impellers.

The wetted parts are stainless steel
Motor size from 0.18kW to 0.75kW
Air motors available
ATEX versions available
Inventor rated drives are available
Tri-clamp mounting mixers are available when hygienic connection are required.

Habrotek can offer a range of tanks with the portable mixers if required.

  • Lightweight aluminium housing
  • Compact robust design
  • Easy positioned to ensure optimum mixing
Typical Applications:
  • Blending
  • Storage
  • Solids suspension
  • Neutralization
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